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Colorado Fishing Report for Blue Mesa Reservoir

Late Summer Transition..

Date: Jul. 23, 2014

The late summer transition has begun where a fair number of fish pile into Cebolla basin and start to school in tighter bunches.  So far, the schools of boats have been bigger than the schools of fish!  There have been a few small opportunities to...

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Moments of hope!

Date: Jul. 13, 2014

It is becoming more and more apparent the CPW's sonar surveys (that showed the kokanee numbers being down) are accurate.  Several years of low water created a "bathtub"effect that resulted in higher angling pressure and predation.  Take less fish and spread them over a bigger area and you can explain...

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Happy Independence Day!

Date: Jul. 2, 2014

First off, Happy Independence Day!  Be sure to thank the good Lord for this wonderful, free country that we live in!  Now for a delayed fishing report....

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The bite gets tougher!?

Date: Jun. 23, 2014

The water level has continued to drop (5' total so far) as the BOR is now "flushing" water through the Black Canon to simulate a high run off year and clean out built up sediment.  It appears as if...

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Quality over quantity....

Date: Jun. 16, 2014

Just as we thought we were getting close to the lake reaching a stable point, the trend has reversed and the water level has actually dropped....

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A tough week!

Date: Jun. 9, 2014

As the lake continues to rise and a few fronts actually dropped water temperatures, the salmon fishing was actually....

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Waiting for stability...

Date: Jun. 2, 2014

Last week the kokanee bite was pretty darn good and in all honesty it's still pretty darn good, but it sure seems like it got a little tougher this week!  If you can land more than half of the salmon that bite you are.....

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Hot, cold, hot!

Date: May. 27, 2014

Kind of like the weather, the salmon bite has been hot one day and tough the next!  We should see a lot more consistency this week as it is supposed to be...

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Things are heating up!

Date: May. 20, 2014

We are finally starting to get some warm weather, which has warmed the water temps up several degrees!  In turn, the salmon fishing has been... heating up as well!

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Pro-longed ice out!

Date: May. 11, 2014

The lake has been completely open for a few weeks now and has risen 21' since April 1st!  This is great news, but has added an extra unstable variable to the fishing.

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