Kokanee Salmon Fishing Trips

Fishable Months
January through December

Best Fishing Windows

  • May through July -Hot trolling
  • August through mid Sept – Trophy Jigging
  • January through March – Jigging through the Ice

Kokanee salmon are one Colorado’s most sought after and most elusive fish. They are incredible table fair and pound for pound, deliver the most exciting fight. Kokanee salmon spend an average of 3-4 years feeding in the open waters of Blue Mesa until they reach maturity and head up the Gunnison River to spawn, most heading right back to the Roaring Judy hatchery where they were born. From early May until August, we catch kokanee salmon on Blue Mesa by trolling with downriggers at varying depths, looking for large schools and offering lures with an array of colors and sizes, until we find the combination that triggers a strike. This is a fun fishing technique and trip for all ages and experience levels! A great day of kokanee fishing is a 25+ fish day with many lost during the fight or at the boat. Once kokanee salmon see the boat they tend fight voraciously for one last chance to swim away. An average day is around 15 fish and we allow each angler to keep their daily bag limit of 5 fish, and enjoy Colorado’s largest kokanee salmon population and fishery. Once anglers are picked up at Elk Creek or Lake Fork marina, trolling will begin immediately with some, assistance needed from you setting and watchin the rods! As fish strike the baits you will grab the rod with the fish on and begin your battle!