Captain’s Log

Camp On!

Hey Folks, Welcome to Blue Mesa Reservoir, the Black Canyon and Gunnison Colorado! This is a great place to find some quick links to lodging, camping, campsites, hotels and motels to accomodate your stay in our area. Our first recommendation is our personal vacation rental, Retreat at the Rocks! If you are booking a trip with Blue Mesa Fishing, our top choice on the lake is Lake Fork Resort, found underneath this article. The cabins are clean and offer the best views on the lake. A complete list of lodging options can be found on the Chamber’s web site: Gunnison Lodging. Blue Mesa Reservoir is a great place to spend your Colorado Vacation and the best part is that this remote recreation area is only a few hours outside of Denver Colorado. Aside from fishing, there are plenty of activities to do such as camping in the Black Canyon National Forest, hiking the local trails, and biking over the Black Canyon pass into Crawford. You can also enjoy a night out in the quaint town of Gunnison Colorado! Below are a list of top picks in lodging ranging from price point, to remote access and everything else in between- Enjoy boating, hiking or whatever your pleasure and tell ’em BLue Mesa Fishing sent ya!