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Blue Mesa boat ramp opening

Blue Mesa Boating Update: lake will open to boating May 15!

Water Temp N/A
Inflow (cfs) 1799
Outflow (cfs) 1186
Lake Elevation 7482 -- 37' low but rising
Boat Ramp Hours Opens May 15
Marinas N/A

Blue Mesa to open to boating May 15!

Blue Mesa iced off in mid-April but due to COVID-19, the lake opening to boating has been delayed.  A lot of people are asking if lake is open to everyone or Gunnison County residents only when it opens on May 15.  Nobody seems to have a hard answer for this question but here is what we know or have heard:

1. The Colorado safer at home act recommends not traveling more than 10 miles to recreate (until May 27)
2.  Gunnison County opens to non-county residents on May 27.
3.  We’ve heard that the mussel inspectors will not be checking residency.
4.  We’ve also heard that the Sherrif’s office WILL be enforcing residency with citations up to $5k and or jail time!
5. We have talked to several Colorado Police Officers not in Gunnison County who say that these health orders are unconstitutional and can’t restrict a citizen’s right to free travel among other things!

This information is not to sway you one direction or another, it is to help inform you so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Elk Creek and Lake Fork will be open from 5:30 am to 9 pm.

Iola will be open, but with shorter hours (I believe it will be 6 to 4).

There will only be one mussel inspector at each ramp and social distancing between vehicles will be required while in line and when parking.  Please be smart and courteous of others so that we can keep access to OUR resources open!

Fishing reports to follow…

Stay healthy and God Bless!


**This Blue Mesa fishing/boating report is brought to you by Robby Richardson, owner of Sport Fish Colorado and land Specialist/realtor for Central and Western Colorado! If you are searching for or would like to sell your Colorado Outdoor Property please reach out to Robby at (970) 784-6555.


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