Ice Off is not here, but is near!

Water Temp N/A
Inflow (cfs) 1251
Outflow (cfs) 747
Lake Elevation 7466
Boat Ramp Hours Closed
Marinas Closed

Blue Mesa is still about 90% ice covered, but warm weather, wind, and rising water levels could change things quickly!  Ice off 2014 is not far away for those of you who have cabin fever like I do!!! There is open, fishable water at the inlet and near middle bridge.  Rainbow trout have been stocked at both Lake Fork and Elk Creek boat ramps.  As of last friday, you could still used the Elk Creek courtesy dock to access 12-20″ of safe ice.  All species have been biting in the Elk Creek area.  Three to twenty feet of water puts a buffer between shore and the main sheet of ice around most of the lake.  Due to a very good snow pack with a high water content, it is anticipated that Blue Mesa should fill to within five feet of full pool this year!!  Be safe and God Bless!

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