Blue Mesa Fishing Report: the ice is near, but not here!

Water Temp 44
Inflow (cfs) 562
Outflow (cfs) 1033
Lake Elevation 7490 -- 29' low
Boat Ramp Hours 7-4:30 upon request
Marinas Closed

This is a rare time of year when we have both safe ice and open water to fish!  There is 6-10″ of ice in the Gunnison River inlet to just west of the Lake City Bridge and the fishing for trout has been good!  The rest of the lake is open water and still open to boating upon request!  Fishing for all species is good if you put some time in to find where they are hiding out!  I was out on the boat last Saturday and the water temperature was still 44 degrees so unless we start to see some sub zero degree nights, it’s going to take at least the month of January if not more time for the entire lake to cap!  If we don’t get sub zero temps in the next 2-4 weeks, we might not see the entire lake freeze this year.  Either way, there are plenty of fish to be caught so pick your poison! On another note, the water levels are a lot higher than the last few years and with an average snow pack this winter we should see the lake fill this spring!  For the rest of the winter, we will be posting all of our fishing reports on our ice site at Blue Mesa Ice Fishing Reports.  Hopefully we see some of you on the ice this winter, but if not, we will see you next spring!

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