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June 30th 2010
20lb Kokanee
Decent night bite with pics of a 6' 5" giant catching 4 year kokes(no 20lbers). It's still happening- the pattern is changing

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

June 30th 2010
Had Mike, Frank and their two lovely wives out today for a kokanee chase. We chased and picked for a half day and worked hard. 14 in the boat- some trout mixed in and 7 lost- not bad but the pattern is changing. I will let ya know when it stabilizes for me. A decent pic from others at the fillet station today but no annihilation on this side of the lake. The one thing I can tell you is keep fishing 11am to 2pm- you will catch. I haven't heardanything from Cebolla or Iola but I haven't asked. There are still good fish here so come on over and play chess.

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

June 29th 2010
Franken-fish Out!
Solo mission tonight infront of the marina and nailed 6 more kokes- all released- this pattern can't last much longer so here it is: Red spinners and yellow spinners- then do the variation on glow yellow and glow red for low light situations- white corn and troll slow- you will catch until it busts- thanks for checking in- we have a trip tomorrow so say a prayer to the fish gods for these folks!!

Tues 29th 2010
Went out with Jon and Luke of Houston Texas and had 'em all day. A steady pick landed 28 fish- 20 kokes, 8 trout- and lost 12- all fish were released but 3 that were hooked deep! A few big 4's and 3's and good mix of 2's. Great day and great crew- the fish are still here!

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

June 27th 2010
Good Pick!
Did a morning session with the Bomb Squad and associated clowns and nailed 20+ kokes. It's still on and good and that's all there is to say. Monday I must do non-fishing related activites so look for reports on Tuesday- let's hope the pattern keeps up!

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

June 26th 2010
Smoked 'em!
Great crew today- insane trip- 28+ kokes and mixed bag

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

June 25th 2010

June 25th 2010
Fishin' Again!
Killed 'em last night and this morning!

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

June 24th 2010
Insane night bite- all 4yr olds in Lake Fork with the moon shining!

June 24th 2010
slower today with all areas doing well (Lake Fork, Iola/Steven's Creek, Cebolla/Iron works) the full moon is definately starting to effect the am bite- will be back with the pm report.

June 23th 2010
Smack Down!
We're out this moring scouting for this weeks' and weeknds' trip and it wasn't hard to catch- boated 12 lost 5 in a quick morning session and everyone was catching. Turnip killed 'em in Lake Fork and associated clowns rocked 'em in Iola- it's on everywhere- now's the time and if you're reading this you're not fishing- so quit your job- or take a leave and git down here- mornings and evening as kickin' butt. I will have pics and video up tomight- going back out!!!!

June 20th 2010
Still Rockin!
Two days off. We're off to maintain the boat and do some non-fishing related activities. But- you can guess the fishing will continue to be red hot as the water warms- and prolly until the full moon. So start planning your trip to get 'em while it's really hot. All of our trips have been putting kokes in the boat with a great mixed bag as well. Plenty of 2 year olds out there so the future of kokes looks great. We'll see ya again on Wednesday for non-stop fishing and reports with pics straight through to jigging season Also, Blue Mesa Fishing will be awarding 3 free jigging trips to faithful watchers starting in July. Keep tuned to find out how you can get a seat on a jigging trip of a lifetime!!!

June 20th 2010
It's Still On!
Fishing is off he charts right now with a report that I'm supposed to keep anonomous -25 kokes in 2 hours- evening session. Need I say more- get out here and let's start fishing!!

June 19th 2010
It's On!
The kokoes are hitting great now from Lake Fork to ELk Creek Marina. around 19 feet or 2 to three colors. Red arnies, corn, e-chips are all taking fish. Over 30 kokes seen at the fillet station and I went out with Turnip (Kokanee Karl) and we caught nothing but 4 year olds in the Bermuda Triangle at Lake Fork. Just good fishing from here on out so get the heck over here and get your kokes- before the lakers do!

June 18th 2010
Still happening!!
Good fishing from Elk Creek to Wind surfing area. All species were in there and persistence paid off. We did well with many kokes landed and too many dropped and missed. The Deal boys kept working though and landed some kokes and mixed bag as well. Many anglers did well today too and the fillet station was very busy! It's starting to get good so get on up here and fish!

June 17th 2010
OK Video

June 17th 2010
Mixed Bag!
Another really good day- 3 hours of great action East of the Elk Creek- Had a grand slam with the Deal father and son duo today and dinner is served. Bows, browns, kokes and lakers. The koke bite was slower with more 3 to 1 year olds. The wind is blowing and has been, and has made the big salmon stop commiting suicide- oh well. 20+ fish boated and more released- what a day. The wind is currently kicking our butt and may slow the big slamon bite- but the other species are rocking!! Video will be up tonight.

June 16th 2010
Baits down, kokes UP!
It's really good right now. Saw over 30 kokes at the filet station today- a few were ours!!

June 12th 2010
Well folks, our new logo is almost finished. This is a near final draft with some work to do. Soon it will head off to the presses and will be available on T-shirts and hats. A portion of all proceeds will go to help lakers and kokanee get along- I'm not sure how we'll do it but we have a team of clowns working on it right now! - Update tomorrow!

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide

June 12th 2010
Gettin it On!
Kokes are hitting well cebolla to stevens. Dodge the mud, find some fish- 0- 15fow- keep changing the lures, everything will work once during inconsistent patterns!!!!! He who adapts quickest, catches the fishes!

June 11th 2010
Kinda Fishy!
Kokes are heating up and Captain Dave and Turnip as well other associated clowns are getting near limits in Cebolla. The usual suspects are catching so don't reinvent the wheel- just get out there early and catch. I'm just getting back from the beach and stripers to 30lbs were hot. I'll post pics soon and we now have internet in the middle of nowhere, so the full report with pics will be up soon.- get to catching!!!!!!!!!!!

June 9th 2010
Up and Down Town!
Well, the excitement has been hot and cold. Captain Dave has been picking away and some anglers are doing better that others, but with OK consistency. The windows are short and it's always happening somewhere, but remember, the lake is rising fast and the muddy water is coming in at all tributaries. It can happen for you but you have to fish- try the classic spots with red, green and glown Arnies- then improv from there. We got into big stripes today on the ocean and will have pics up soon. Also, we have internet at Lake Fork now- (3 weeks to get it running) so pics will back as well as the live cam and a daily weather update- stay posted!!!!!!!!!!

June 6th 2010
Mixed Up
Reports are up and down. Turnip, the bomb squad and Captain Dave were out today and did OK. Up and down with some great fish caught and some periods of slowness. There's alot of wind and good amount of silt coming in- whatever, we'll keep you up to date!!

June 4th 2010
Nailed 'em
Captain Dave nailed 'em today east of elk creek. This guy is dialing the kokes in and the water temps are cooperating. It's on- book a trip with Dave if you Love catching kokes! YEAH!!

June 4th 2010
Yes, Kokanee!
Captain Dave is finding them. The spot is no secret, but he won't let me print it until he gets a few more- let's get fishing(not at Lake Fork though- Turnip will report LF later)

June 3rd 2010
Get to Work!
Well folks there is a new weekend upon us and Blue Mesa Fishing's crew will be working hard and I will deliver the up-to-date reports. Captain Dave found a few kokes at Steven's Creek yesterday, but there periods of slow fishing and wind. There will be a big force out today and tomorrow in Lake Fork so catch up with us to see if was good. As I said earlier, the Captain is taking a vacation to chase huge stripers off the coast of NJ and NY. We will be ocean kyaking and hopefully hooking up with fish up to 40lb- business as usual. Click on this link to Check out these pics from last year. Big Stripers. If you're interested in something like this- send an email- I'll head ya in the right direction. Lastly..... we have internet up at Lkae Fork FINALLY. So the pics will follow shortly with the FULL report!

June 2nd 2010
Brown Town
Fishing is still hot and cold with a few anglers rocking it and others trying and coming up short. Captain Dave was out yesterday with a trip and rocked the browns. Trolling was slow, a few lakers caught by bait- but browns were hot late morning on rocky banks. It'll be hot or miss but you could be the one to hit!!

June 1st 2010
Highs and Lows
Well fishing is mixed around the lake with nothing too hot here or there. There has been hot and cold koke reports from Steven's creek, slow kokes at Lake Fork, and medium level kokes at Cebolla mouth- but again nothing too notable. Some big lakers have been caught trolling koke imitaions and dunking. The brown trout are moving deeper and many can be found mixed in with small lakers at 40 to 60 over 150fow in most parts of the lake. As for the reports, I am really having a hard time with the satellite internet out at Lake Fork, but a few hundred dollars and a week of work should have it running this week for up to the minute reports. But, expect this: we have heavy run off now. The lake is filling fast with muddy water and clarity is an issue. This will effect consistent fishing for a week or two with trolling becoming slowly more productive, but in small windows. I drove to Creste Butte yesterday and the snow pack is huge, and run off is high and heavy- it's gonna take awhile. So don't expect too much red hot action. If you're interested in a half day trolling trip or casting for browns at a light-core level book a trip. As for me, the captain is going to take a vacation for about a week and get the thoughts of laughing lakers out of my head and let the lake settle a bit and clean up- maybe!!! Captain Dave is fishing gull time and taking all charters in my absence. Also, Turnip, the bomb squad, my guide-friends ans associated clowns will be fishing steady, and I will update with their info every other day. So keep it here- it's only gonna get better and yes, we will be having kokes for dinner all week!

Captains's Log
Welcome to Blue Mesa Fishing's current fishing report page where you can stay informed with everything that has to do with fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir, fish biting and on what and where. Here at Blue Mesa Fishing, we specialize in guided lake fishing trips for trout and salmon, as well as fly fishing. If you decide to go boating, fishing or fly fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir we can help you with tips and tricks to help you catch brown trout, lake trout, rainbow trout and Kokanee salmon that all swim in our waters. We launch everyday at Elk Creek Marina, Lake Fork Marina, or Steven's Creek which are all located just West of Gunnison, Colorado, depending on where the best bite is located. If you decide fish with one of our skilled guides, give us a call, or email us with questions to help you successfully experience fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir! Get our here and start fishing now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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