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Wednesday July 1st 2009
June Overview

June was a tough month for Kokanee in large reservoirs. The water in our Western region has risen and continue to, pushing lake levels to their maximum capacities. This has made fishing tough, but rewarding. After talking to expert Blue Mesa guide Robby Richardson and Kokanee pro Jared Johnson, innovator of Rocky Mountain Tackle sold at, we all had the same experience in June. People are catching fewer fish, bigger fish and are working harder for them. The water is high, the water column is not stratified, there is tons of debris, and you can bet the water is rich with food. The fish are there! Flaming Gorge and Blue Mesa have fish everywhere, so don't for a minute think they aren't paved underneath of you. We just have to work harder and change it up. For Blue, the water as of yesterday spiked to 68 degrees which should concentrate the kokanee at whatever depth they choose, instead of being everywhere. Our last 3 trips we have caught nice 4 years olds from 0 feet to 60 feet everyday! The bite has been the same from Lake Fork to Lake city bridge. So I'm hoping for this hot weather to remain, and I believe, it will bust wide open in short bursts sooner than later. This weekend should be a great start. The fish should move deeper and the boat traffic won't bother them as much. So, for July, plan to fish deeper, longer, and change your colors often. Don't leave fish to find fish either. If you catch one, stay at it, varying speeds and angle of approach. The fish will abide.

Second order of business; as owner and captain of Blue Mesa Fishing, I don't claim to be the best at kokanee fishing or an authority- some days I get my butt kicked by other guys!. I do spend a ton of time fishing a four spread at varying depths with all different baits all the time and talk about it. I can tell you what they're biting on, where and when. If you follow my reports and see the yellow boat and can get in to fish, or just keep doing what you're doing- persistence does pay off. But I am now offering a subscription to acutal baits, locations and depths. For the rest of the year, this will be 15.00 per email address this year for kokanee fishing. Here is a sample of what you would get: Rocky Mountain tackle 4.25" Nickel Glow Crush dodger with Rocky Mountain Tackle UV Pearlescent squid, trolled at 15 FOW in front of Lake Fork bridge, 4:30am to 6:30 am, then go to pink colors.
Kokanee salmon lake fishing guide
Kokanee salmon lake fishing guide

I will send an email like this out each day of fishing to each email address that subscribes everyday I fish, which is usually 4 days a week or better. The fee will be 15.00 per email address, and if you're coming up for a short weekend, call me with your name and email address and I will relay the info via text. NOW, for you experienced anglers, pay no attention to this offer. You have to realize some poeple get to fish Blue 3 times a year, and they don't have the time to experiment for 2 weeks before they nail it. This is for guys who are learning, or are coming up for the week or weekend to catch. Now most of my reports will be from Lake Fork/ Sapinero basin- the fish are everywhere! But I'm catching over there, so that's the long story. If you're interested in this subscription, please email me, and if you're not, I appreciate you bearing with me- I will still spill the beans to anyone who asks at the fillet station and at the filet station only!- Or follow bobco's reports on This guy is a real pro and has done the hard time, and is always willing to share some info on kokes for free. As for my price, this reflects my daily fuel prices of 10.00 to 15.00 a day, lost tackle which is 5.00 to 20.00 a day, insurance, boat maintenance, and misc supplies for 8 -12 hours of fishing a day. Unfortunately with Kokanee, there are no guarantees, but this will get you off and RUNNING fast! Thanks for reading and enjoy the reports! June will be archived on Friday at the bottom of the page!

Tuesday, June 30th 2009
Mo' Kokanee
We were out today with the Ridenour party with Ted and Hunter. The fish were hot and cold as they have been for the last two days. They commit suicide in the morning and run during the day. We hunted 'em down though with a patient crew and pulled some pounds for our efforts- 7 landed, 3 lost at the boat, 3 lost at the strike. Lakers and browns filled the afternoon and the largest 4 year old of the bunch finished the trip off at 3pm. Hunter learned that kokanee are hard to find, but fun to catch- great lip rippin' today bud! And when times got busy, Ted was there to grab a double header- good work guys! Fish were high in the moring, 25fow into late morning. Greens in the am, pinks in the pm but don't bet on this pattern. The water spiked to 68.7 today so there will be a big turnover of the bite- put your brain to work and get ready for a new pattern and hopefully a bite will busts wide open!

Kokanee fishing reports and guides
Blue Mesa Resevoir kokanee
Blue Mesa Resevoir Kokanee fishing
Boat fishing for Kokanee Salmon

Monday, June 29th 2009
Work your butt off!
We had the Parino party out today for a trip and put a nice catch together. Kokanee bit on the first drop and played hide and go seek for the rest of the day. We put in the hard time and caught 5 kokes, a bunch of lakers and some 'bows. The bite has cooled off from the last few days so plan on working until the fish decide when to put on the feedbag again. Thanks Perry and the gang, a pleasure fishing with you.

Kokanee salmon and lake trout fishing
Blue Mesa Kokanee

Sunday, June 28th 2009
3 and 4, 3's and 4's
A good showing around Lake Fork this morning rewarded many anglers with kokes for the effort. The schools were on the surface at first light and many guys hooked up right away. The bite died early and we can only figure it's because of the great bite yesterday..... I finally got to get out by myself to get some fish to smoke and did OK- Lost 5, landed four. Almost everyone had 3 or 4 fish, and lost as many. It's still not the action we saw last year but the best is yet to come! The same stuff stil produced fish and the only thing that seemed to kill the bite was boats. The fish are scattered, look for a sign and try and fish away from the traffic, you will catch more fish.

Colorado kokanee fishing guide
Colorado kokanee fishing guide

Saturday, June 27th 2009
Great Weather Great Bite!
3 and 4 years old were ready to eat today and we were there for the catching. Kokanee were cooperating at 15 feet all morning into the afternoon with the Ratliff party with plenty of kokes and many lost. Alot of boats were seen hooking up and it seemed likes everyone was in a good mood. One angler yelled a report of all day catching near Lake Fork. We did most of our damage near lake fork bridge and the evening session proved hot with fish down at 20fow. It seems to be getting hot so get out here and get to work. The usual suspects produced big fish which were Arnie's and RMT squids. It was good and only looks like it's going to get better!

Blue Mesa Kokanee fishing report
Sunday, April 18, 2009
Salmon Fishing on Blue Mesa
Blue Mesa Resevoir
Fishing Blue Mesa Resevoir
Resevoir kokanee fishing

Thursday June 25th 2009
The word is slower today as Cebolla, the Iron works and Iola gave up only a few kokes but the browns and lakers were willing to bite when the baits were presented to them. This weather may bring a slow down to the bite and make it shorter and earlier. We'll see this weekend and I'll post everything I see, catch and hear.

Wednesday June 24th 2009
Hot Weather- Hot Fishing!
The bite is on. Kokanee were caught from Lake Fork to Cebolla with many catches over 20 fish and one skilled angler who filled a trash bag full. This warm weather is what we needed and the fish are cooperating. Hot weather means hot fishing. This is coming into some of the best bites on Blue Mesa and it should only get better into July 4th. Go catching!

Saturday and Sunday, June 21 & 22 2009
Decent Bite
Went out for an evening session at the Lake Fork bridge and managed a koke a few browns and lakers. The water is climbing to full pool and parts of the Middle Bridge are too low to boat under. Today we shot over to Cebolla basin near the iron works and had our fair share of kokes. Everyone had into a few and fish remained scattered, while hovering at about 15 feet down. Yellow and green brought a few and RMT squids caught the biggest fish. Not a stellar day for us and after 11:30 it got real tough. We'll head out again at dusk and give 'em hell. The weather is beautiful and let's hope we can get some really warm days to push these kokes into a pattern. Other than that, reports were slow at Macntyre with many fish on the graph but few biting. Attendance wasn't high this morning but steady- keep up the good work and keep fishing!

Resevoir kokanee fishing
colorado reservoir and kokanee fishing
Lake kokanee salmon fishing Colorad

Friday 19th 2009
We'll be Fishing all weekend and into the week so look for some pics and reports. This page will be a little slow until I archive the past reports which I will work on this weekend- so hang in there. I have already heard of fish being caught wide open in Lake Fork basin, down the middle and at all depths- so come get yours. Also, the webcam is having problems and we're working on that as well, it will show you the last pic of each day until it resumes. Until then - FISH!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 18th 2009
Get to work, catch Fish!
Reports are coming and the word is slow, but poundage is coming over the rails. The bite is tough but dedicated anglers are putting in their time and getting rewards. The fish are still everywhere, 1 color to 40 feet down. This is good because you almost can't do the wrong thing. Set your gear 5 feet apart in the column and start trolling an arsenal. Pay attention to lighting, speed and lure selection. If its dark out, fish slower and brighter, if its sunny, faster and pink. Start with this. Guys have have been pullin at Lake Fork Bridge. The narrows are still giving it up and Iola is supplying browns in massive numbers. Cebolla, the Iron works and middle bride have been holding fish, but the pattern is hot and cold. Catch fish in one spot, if it slows, move! Improvise your game and change it up- the fish will respond.

Saturday - Monday 13th - 15th 2009
Better never than late!
Sorry about the late reports fisher poeple. The server has been down and I've been crying about it all weekend. So with saying that- Fishing has been good. The iron works is holding fish from 7 to 30 feet using the standard arsenal of funny colored baits. Green in the morning, pink after first light always works- and shake up the presentation- don't be married to one speed! The narrows have given up some fish from the corner cliff at elk creek to the power lines and around the mouth. The water peaked at 59 and the fish were in all parts of the column, moving deeper as the day progressed. The Gunnison River has been giving up great fish on cadis in the evening and mid day- The fishing is starting to get hot so get fishing!

Friday June 12th 2009
Bring on the fish
Just got a few reports from the lake and koke bite is getting hotter. The early bite is still good and fish are also being caught from 20-30ft as the days progress. DOn't worry about the weather, the fish still need to eat! West Elk point is finding fish deeper to Middle Bridge, and the narrows and just outside of the narrows towards Iola are producing. Get your raingear and put some fish in the boat. We're getting on a plane tonight and starting charters again tomarrow so get ou and get 'em!

June 7th through June 12th 2009
No Blue Mesa Report this Week!
We got the fish call from Captain Chris of the Caliente Carlito, our good friend, and he yelled Fish!- GO EAST! We hopped a plane and headed to NJ for the famed striper run and we nailed 'em! We headed out in the rain and were greeted with bass crashing bunker schools right off the beach. The pictures say it all. We'll be back this weekend on Blue and I'll update the reports when I get a report from some of the captains. YEESSS!!!!!!! Chris dialed us in and we bailed over 20 bass up to 40lbs. We stopped counting and just pulled as many cows per minute as we could! If you want a trip call him at 609 558 4721!

Blue Mesa kokanee salmon
blue mesa reservoir salmon fishing guide
salmon fishing guide kokanee fishing
Kokanee salmon lake fishing guide
Kokanee fishing reports and guides

Sunday June 7th 2009
Full Moon, Good Bite, Windy
The reports have been coming in and Iola basin has pulling some pounds. Fish near the channel and throw everything that says kokanee. A few guides have reported a great kokanee bite and the browns are in with them thick. Look for the boats, come in slow and get to work- Good Luck

Saturday June 6th 2009
Full Moon
Sorry for the lack of reports, I've been doing some non-fishing-related activities, but the bite has been Ok, with Cebolla and the narrows still bringing up some fish. The full moon has been keeping the numbers down. I'll have more reports tonight- some of Blue's best are out there!

Friday June 5th 2009
Kokes in the Kooler
Here's an email I just recieved from the two of the fishiest brothers I know: Thanks for helping my bro and I out the other night at Adam's house at Lake Fork Resort. The tips you gave us saved our trip because we were struggling to catch fish cause we were fishing too deep, and we wanted kokes not trout. We ended up leaving with 2 coolers full of salmon thanks to your advise. What really helped also was getting out of Sapinero and fishing at Cebolla Basin and the Narrows. We KILLED the kokes there, getting 15 fish on Tuesday, and 11 fish on Wednesday, and 11 fish today. Anyway thanks again Casey for your help, we're hoping to make it up again in August to try jigging for the kokes, we've never done that before which looks like an insanely awesome experience. Hope to fish with you at some point this year, Thanks,Pat and Ed Connors. ****Thank you guys for the props! All these guys needed was a little info and committment to thier species. You can't fish all over the place with 10 different lures for 4 different fish- commit, and you will succeed- I will supply as much as I can for fellow fisherman... Tip #1 GO FISHING!

Kokanee fishing reports and guides

Thursday June 4th 2009
Early Worm Gets Eaten by Fish
Early is the word, high in the column with bright colors, then search and seizure after that. The thermocline isn't set up yet and the fish are anywhere they want to be, along with the browns and dink lakers. Stick to your guns and greet the forest service at the boat ramp as they open it! Try your favorite spot, walls and river entrances as well as freestyling down the middle of the lake. Persistence is paying off. A few fisherman who have been at it for twenty years reported limiting out every day last week! When they spill the beans- I'll let you know. Until then be friendly with other anglers and exchange info to help track the schools- you know I'll tell ya when I find 'em!

Monday June 1st 2009
Keep Katching!
The koke bite has been early in Lake Fork but steady reports have been coming in from Iola basin. The fish are feeding higher in the column and the weather isn't killing the bite. One angler reported over 10 landed and plenty missed- the browns are in there thick too. If you find yourself catching too many browns, try a different color and a little higher! Good luck and keep fishing!

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