May 2013 Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Big fish are lurking, kokanee are ready to play!

Water Temp 42-45
Inflow (cfs) 1512
Outflow (cfs) 912
Lake Elevation 7454
Boat Ramp Hours 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Marinas Elk Creek is open

Colorado’s largest reservoir, Blue Mesa, has had open water for about two weeks!  We have been so busy on the lake that we haven’t had time to update the fishing report.  Fishing has been good overall, but has been day to day depending on the current weather system and the moon phase.  All species are hitting and plenty of trophies have been landed!

Rainbows and browns can be found cruising the surface and casting the rocky shorelines.  Try a maribou jig in tougher conditions and a jerk bait when the wind is blowing.  There are also concentrations of browns stacked up in certain gulches and on the edges of some flats.  These fish can be caught with a white tube jig or any type of soft plastic minnow bait that immitates a baby salmon (like a fluke).

The kokanee are ready to be caught and have been running from the surface down to 50′, which is pretty standard for this time of year.  Early is best as usual, but we have been catching some kokanee salmon all day long.

Lake trout….the species that everyone has on their mind this time of year!  Lake trout fishing has been a little tougher than normal with the lake levels where they are.  Finding fish is the key, as usual, and every day has been different.  This is the prime time of year to catch a trophy so please consider catch and release if you do!

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