Inconsistency continues…

Water Temp 69-73
Inflow (cfs) 1442
Outflow (cfs) 1754
Lake Elevation 7499' -- 20' low
Boat Ramp Hours 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Marinas Elk Creek and Lake Fork open 7-7

Over the last few weeks we  have slowly transitioned from trolling to vertically jigging for the kokanee salmon.  Although some days the trolling is still producing decent numbers, it has been slow over all.  The jig bite depends on the day and the school.  Trout fishing is good in a few select areas of the lake and lake trout fishing is slow.  The water level has only dropped a foot and is holding around 19 feet low.  The water temps are still hanging around 69 degrees and climbing to as high as 73 degrees some afternoons.    Good luck and God Bless!

Kokanee Salmon- We have seen some better fish catches lately, but it’s still day to day and not easy.  Vertically jigging has been the most effective IF you know how to read your electronics and find fish.  If you sit around in hopes of joining in on a school that somebody else finds the odds are against you.  Jigging for kokanee salmon is a very unique pattern that requires a lot of courtesy, etiquette, and ethics, but unfortunately we seem to be moving away from these necessary qualities.  Just because somebody is on a school and catching some fish does not mean that YOU are entitled to invite yourself over for some of the action!  If you can’t find your own fish, be courteous and ask if it is okay if you join. If you are blessed with limits of fish, please honor the daily bag and possession limit of 10 fish per person at any given time.  This means that you can NOT keep another salmon until you consume (not can or smoke or freeze) one of your ten salmon.  Schools have been running 60-120 feet deep and being caught on Pk Panic Spoons, Kastmasters, P-line Kokanator spoons, and Crippled Herring.

Rainbow & Brown Trout- The trout bite is fair if you work “trouty” areas.  Rainbows can be found from the surface to 35′ and if you can find a color they like the action can be good!  Brown trout can be found 15-75′ and the action for them has been fair.  Shorelines and coves with rocks have been holding more trout.  Rocky Mountain Tackle, Venator lures, Arnies, Needle Fish, Taz’s and Radical Glow spinners have all been producing. Use your electronics to your advantage as some areas are holding trout!

Mackinaw Lake Trout-  Slow; the fish are deep and take some dedication to catch.  Targeting the big fish this time of year can be very harmful if not fatal and is not the best idea.  Always remember the importance of releasing trophy lake trout to ensure future generations get the same opportunities we get!  And despite no bag limit on the smaller lake trout, only take what you can eat! These fish are the future of the trophy generation!

Perch- Same–The perch are in the coves and there have been several reports of lots of action! Elk Creek, Lake Fork, and Bay of Chickens are just a few of the areas holding fish.   Smaller perch can be found in the backs of brushy coves in 8-25′ of water.  They will be hard to see on your electronics due to all of the brush, but a small jig and a piece of night crawler will quickly tell you if they are in the area!

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