Colorado Fishing Report: Big Fish in the Blue Mesa!

Water Temp 41-43
Inflow (cfs) 708
Outflow (cfs) 886
Lake Elevation 7485'
Boat Ramp Hours 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Marinas Closed

The last four days have felt a lot more like spring time conditions, with cold temps, snow, and lots of wind! Fishing has been consistent for all species, although bite windows vary day to day. The weather really fired up the kokanee salmon and on Saturday I thought my sonar was on demo mode because they were EVERYWHERE!!! Last week I had the opportunity to take a couple of my buddies from high school fishing.

We had a tough day of fishing in the cold, but were blessed with an incredible fish! This lake trout was very old and as a result, very big! We took very special care in handling her and releasing her and she swam away strong to grow and give somebody else a chance at a memory that we now share! Practice CPR (catch, photo, release) on trophy lake trout because it takes these fish 15-20 years to grow to 20 lbs!

If you are blessed with the opportunity to catch a trophy lake trout, handle it with caution. Keep your hands out of its gills.Never hold or weigh it vertically. Support it’s body evenly so that no damage occurs to its vertebrae. We use a cradle to weigh and release our fish. This tool is very handy and protects these awesome specimens! Help us spread the word about protecting these trophy lake trout!

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