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Colorado Fishing Report for Blue Mesa Reservoir

July Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Some good changes!

Date: Jul. 16, 2012

The salmon trolling is still red hot!  Most anglers are seeing their best success in the first 3-4 hours after the sun rises, but these fish can be caught all day long.  We are also starting to see some schools big enough to jig.  This is 2-3 weeks earlier than normal!  Hopefully, this doesn't mean that all the fish run into the river 2-3 weeks before normal, but only time will tell.  In the mean time, take adavantage of the incredible fishing, but don't abuse it!  The salmon numbers are back, but it is our responsitiblity as anglers to respect the possession limits the Colorado Parks and Wildlife has set forth to ensure they get enough eggs to keep these numbers up!  If you've caught your limit and still want to fish, consider catch and release!  We like to pinch barbs or go to single hooks when doing this to limit the amount of stress we put on the fish.  Fish on!

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Blue Mesa Fishing Report: More krazy Kokanee action!

Date: Jul. 7, 2012

Wow, the bite has gotten even better over the last week!  Everything still seems to be 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule and we are already seeing the beggining stages of the male salmon getting their beaks.  We are already seeing some smaller schools that are "jiggable."  However, trolling is still the hot ticket!  We are seeing rain almost every day around noon through the evening so taking advantage of the morning has been important!

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Blue Mesa Fishing Report: An usually AWESOME year !!!

Date: Jul. 2, 2012

This summer is holding its reputation as one of the best salmon years in the last decade!  We have been on the water EVERy day with little time for fishing reports.  So here's a safe rule for my fellow anglers who follow and rely on these reports for their own fishing adventures; if we go long periods of time between posting fishing reports, it is safe to assume that the fishing is still good and you should probably get down here!  You can also send me a text with your name and I will give you a brief report (719-649-3378)  Lots and lots of nice fish have been coming to the fillet stations at Elk Creek, Lake Fork, Stevens Creek, and Iola boat ramps!  Thus far, everything seems to be running a few weeks ahead of schedule and I have a feeling that our trophy Kokanee season that usually gets going around the first part of August is going to be no exception!  We are already quickly booking up for the hottest bite of the year, so be sure to call and book a date before it is too late!  We are currently seeing water temperatures that we usually don't see until the first part of August if at all and these temps have caused the lake to turn over in the last ten days putting a nasty algae across much of Blue Mesa.  If this algae builds up on your line, take your rod out of the down rigger and shake it back and forth.  You do not want this algae to build up on your line and jam up your level-wind reel when you are fighting a fish!Have a good 4th of July celebrating the awesome country we live in and be safe!   

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Blue Mesa Fishing Report: More of the same!!!

Date: Jun. 19, 2012

This report is going to sound like a broken record of the last several reports, but it's true....the fishing is still hot!  Every day is different as far as what the kokanee on Blue Mesa want and when the best bite times are, but a little bit of hard work will usually put you in a good to excellent bite most days.  We had a couple of days where the bite seemed a little "off", but we were still gettting 25-50 bites a day during this period! 

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Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Consistently Consistent Fishing!

Date: Jun. 13, 2012

We have been very busy on Blue Mesa, but fishing has remained consistent with good quantity and quality! The water temps have warmed up all across the lake and there are active schools of salmon from Iola basin to Sapinero basin!  The water level has been slowly dropping, but don't be fooled by the rumors, this does not hurt the fishing.  It actually condenses the fish into a smaller area so they are easier to find.  It is up to YOU to figure out how to catch them!

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Blue Mesa Fishing Report: It keeps getting better!

Date: Jun. 7, 2012

The salmon fishing continues to excel to levels we haven't seen in a long time!  Fishing is excellent right now for numbers and quality, especially if you know how to read your electronics.  Come take advantage of this incredible action and get yourself some delicious fish in the process!

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Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Smokin' kokanee in the wind!

Date: May. 28, 2012

The last five days have been very windy, and the patterns have changed slightly, but the fishing has remained excellent!  Lots of salmon are still being caught with a decent mix of rainbows and browns.  The wind makes fishing difficult, but a lot of times the wind ignites a feeding frenzy and can be excellent fishing! 

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Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Kokanee Explosion!

Date: May. 21, 2012

The kokanee fishing really took off this weekend!  The east end of the lake has warmer water temperatures that are triggering the salmon to feed and be aggressive. 

We are also seeing a mix of rainbow trout, brown trout, and lake trout each trip.  The bite is hot, but you still have to have the right lures on!

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Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Fishing reports vary across Blue Mesa..

Date: May. 16, 2012

Fishing reports have varied greatly across the lake.  We have been consistently been catching plenty of kokanee salmon, but not without a lot of effort.  Fishing for the salmon seems to be poorest on the west end, but that doesn't mean they aren't there!  Yesterday evening we caught a lot of kokanee salmon very, very shallow.  Today, I went back to the same spot and the fish were not there.  We finally found them very, very deep! 

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Fishing Reports, Fishing Reports, Fishing Reports!!!

Date: May. 7, 2012

I apologize for the lack of Blue Mesa fishing reports!  We have been very busy on the lake and have also implemented a new fishing report system on our web site.  From here on out we will update our fishing reports as frequently as possible! 

Overall, the fishing has been very good across Blue Mesa Reservoir despite a very bright, full moon!  The brown trout, rainbow trout, and lake trout have been tougher to entice over the last few days, but the kokanee salmon fishing has been excellent!!! 

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