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Colorado Fishing Report for Blue Mesa Reservoir

Ice Off is not here, but is near!

Date: Apr. 10, 2014

Blue Mesa is still about 90% ice covered, but warm weather, wind, and rising water levels could change things quickly!  

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Ice Ice Baby!

Date: Dec. 9, 2013

Safe ice can be found in Iola basin and is making its way West!  Iola has 3-7" of ice depending on the spot and fishing has been..

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May 2013 Blue Mesa Fishing Report:

Date: Jun. 11, 2013

The fishing at Blue Mesa Reservoir has been very good overall! However, the last week has been very interesting. After consistent thirty to forty fish days, the bite window has decreased and the average has been reduced to twenty-five fish days. The water temperatures are close to optimal for kokanee and warm enough to push lake trout deeper.  Over the last two days, we have seen a an increase in fish activity and today resulted in a 40 fish day!

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May 2013 Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Big fish are lurking, kokanee are ready to play!

Date: May. 1, 2013

Blue Mesa has had open water for about two weeks!  We have been so busy on the lake that we haven't had time to update the fishing report.  Fishing has been good overall, but has been day to day depending on the current weather system and the moon phase.  All species are hitting and plenty of trophies have been landed!

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January Blue Mesa Ice Fishing Report: The lake is capped and ice fishing is good!

Date: Jan. 8, 2013

The entire lake is capped and about 2/3's of the lake has safe ice.  The fishing has been excellent for all species including kokanee salmon!!!  For the duration of the ice season, we will be doing all of our ice fishing updates on our ice fishing site

Check it out for all your ice fishing needs on Blue Mesa Reservoir!

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October Blue Mesa Fishing Report: The trout bite is hot and salmon snagging is just around the corner!

Date: Oct. 25, 2012

First, I must apologize for the lack of fishing reports!  End of the season activities, hunting, and unfortunate life events have kept me very busy over the last month and a half.  The summer of 2012 lived up to all of its anticipated hype with thousands upon thousands of kokanee salmon being caught!!!  From what I have heard, the kokanee salmon egg take at Roaring Judy Hatchery is going well with an abundance of eggs already taken!  Every friday at 9:00 a.m. there is a kokanee salmon give away where every person with a fishing license can take at least one 10 fish limit of salmon for free!  If there are enough fish, sometimes each person can take two limits. 

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September Blue Mesa Fishing Report: The season is changing, but fishing is still pretty good!

Date: Sep. 6, 2012

Whew!  August was a blur!  Fishing was good to excellent overall!  We are now approaching the tail end of the salmon season for 2012.  Fishing is still fair and even sometimes good for the mature kokanee if you run in to the right school at the right time.  The trout bite is starting to wake up with cooler mornings and water temperatures dropping back down into the 60's.  During the fool moon, we had a couple of good night bites for browns and rainbows!  From here on out, we will ride out the last of the mature kokanee jigging schools and then switch over to chasing trout, younger salmon, and eventually lake trout!  Stay tuned for more fall action!

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August Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Bite has gotten tougher!

Date: Aug. 16, 2012

Over the last 10 days, we have seen the kokanee salmon bite get a lot tougher.  Hard work will still produce good numbers most days, but the fish aren't exatly committing suicide.  This is a result of the fish seeing the same presentation for a longer than normal jigging season.  It's all about the details now.  Little changes can make a BIG difference!  So pay attention to the details and always remember that the first boat on the school typically yields the best results!

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August Blue Mesa Fishing Report: Trophy kokanee bite is excellent, but SLOW YOUR ROLL!

Date: Aug. 5, 2012

We are 100% in the trophy kokanee pattern and the bite has been hot!  There have been some of the biggest schools of salmon we have seen in the last decade!  Because of this, there are plenty of schools for every angler who chooses to spend the time to look for a school on their electronics instead of being a shark like 90% of the boats on the water!  This last weekend was one of the worst I have ever seen for fishing etiquette.  Due to the gluttony I have witnessed over the last several weeks, I feel the need to state that kokanee fishing is supposed to be a fun, sporting outdoor activity; not a mission to deplete Blue Mesa of its kokanee salmon population or stock up on salmon for the next "x" number of years!  The number of fish that I have seen the SAME anglers keep is disgusting!  The possession limit is 10 fish per angler, which is more liberal than anywhere else in the country!

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July Blue Mesa Fishing Report: A two day slow down, but fishing is still hot!

Date: Jul. 24, 2012

Overall, the kokanee salmon fishing remains good to excellent!  Over the last two days the fish were a little harder to entice, but today they were back in full force and very aggressive!  Trolling and jigging have both been effective, although most folks who don't spend the time to find their own schools of salmon don't typically do as well as those who do. 

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