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September 2009

Monday 1st 2009
King Kong Kokanee
Welcome to the home of Colorado Kokanee Salmon fishing with Blue Mesa Fishing. We do all of our fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir offering guided lake trips for trophy kokanee salmon! These are some of the most exciting and mysterious fish! Come and join us for an experience you will never forget and take a look into the world of kokanee salmon- Colorado's most tasty game fish. You can track our success with fishing reports that are updated day and you can look back into our archives to re-live the memories of your last trip with Colorado's premier guide service. Casey Gdowski, the captain and owner of Blue Mesa Fishing won't rest until you get your hands on fish and go home with some beautiful fillets of fresh, cold water salmon. If you haven't tried us yet- wait no longer! We're here and ready to accomadate any party! Come on out and lets go fishing!

Sunday, April 18, 2009
Sunday, April 18, 2009

Sun 19th 2009
Will it ever Stop?
Took a chance this morning and whammy- the fish are still here, but hard to find. Boys day out turned out be a free guided trip with me doing the work!?!?!? Good times Turnip, Rich, Crazy Jerry, Jessinator and Robby Dog. It's over for us- we got 'em, left 'em biting and packed it in. Thanks all for a great season- see you at Powell- ask about the masterclass!

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Saturday 19th 2009
Captain Dave went out with Lon today and spanked 'em! His son came up sick in the morning and couldn't make- he was missed, and will now have hear dad saying- 'you shoulda been there' until next year! Good work Lon! The Zoo Crew of Blue was out and the fish came together again! Over 35 caught in our circle with many pickin on the outside- they're still here!!!!!!!!

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Fri 18th 2009
They're Back.....
Captain Dave went out today with a full crew and found 'em stacked up! They managed 10 in the boat and touched 20+. They're still here and that means we will be too! Pics will be up monday- YEAH!!!!!!

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Tues 13th 2009
Pickin Away!
Captain Dave was out today chasin the kokes with Fred and Lynn and found some! The numbers aren't what they were but they were able to get some in the cooler and had a great day- kick butt guys!

colorado kokanee fishing report
Kokanee fishing guide

Mon 12th 2009
Weather on the Mesa!
Captain Dave braved the weather with anglers Chuck and Ken and found 'em through the swells. It was rough on the water and what fish were hanging around gave it up! It's koke thing! Nice fish guys!

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Sat and Sun 13th 2009
We took the Harmons out for a second trip and whammy! We nailed big fat kokes but worked hard to get them! The winds were hard and only the pros could hang- Awesome work Deadstick Dave, Turnip, Grub-face, Uban, Robby-Dog, Crazy Jerry and the posse and associated clowns! Paul and Eric Snyder and Norma came out Sunday for a hard pick on Kokes and had some fish to show for, but many never made it to the boat- that's why it's koke fishing! They keep us working hard- Great work crew!

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Fri 8th 2009
New Life has Emerged!
We were out with West, Zeb, Rich and Cal today from Cabelas and we worked the schools hard. The local crew whooped up and mussel inspectors love life! Many new schools came together with many biting and some not- another great day chasing smart fish- great work guys!

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Thurs 10th 2009
We had the Campbels out yesteday and we caught fish! The fishing was tough with many uncooperative schools and weather squalls to slow us down- but we pushed through and gave'em hell! Good work Troy, Ricky, Ramona and Marcy!

blue mesa kokanee

Tues 8th 2009
Labor Day Wrap Up
It was all a blur with two things in common- catching and sharking!!!!!!!!!!! Fellow anglers, there is a limit into which you can follow my boat and crush the school I have found and take away from my clients and my own experience! Give me a little space! Happy Labor Day

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Mon 7th 2009
At it again!!!!!
Caught 'em good today on a day off despite the weather and moon- pics will be up tomarrow!

Sunday, April 18, 2009
Sunday, April 18, 2009

Sun 6th 2009
Too Many fish. So little time!!!!!
Still Catching- even on the day off! Killed 'em again- too tired and too much non-fishing related fun to post the pics- look for 'em tonight. Local guide got 30 with his crew!!!!!!

colorado kokanee fishing report
fishing report
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Sat 5th 2009
Fish Spanking!!!!!
Killed em' today with Mark and Denise Schmidt, and Mark and Allen from Colorado! We worked hard and got what we deserved- fish! Life is good, fishing is great!

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salmon fishing guide colorado reservoir
Kokanee fishing guide

Fri 4th 2009
Veteran Turnip and John, with Roger and Louie came out today and worked kokes today and nailed a bunch! We found schools of a lifetime, got ours, and got pushed and bumped out, we cried and kept fishing! The kokes are giving up and the boys gave 'em hell all day! Great Work!

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