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August 2009


Sun 30th 2009
Kokanee Krush!
Had Eric, Dan, Buddy and Ron out today, Along with the Rogers on Captain dave's boat and we crushed. The fishing is only getting better. If you've been on the fence, now's the time to book at trip! Kokanee are hitting like mad!

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Sat 29th 2009
Dog-Town Slam-Fest!
Fished hard the best of the best and kicked some butt!! Awesome work parents, wife, Rich, Turnips, JO-D Robby dog Crazy Jerry and the crew!!!!!!

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Fri 29th 2009
Took the parents out and slammed fish all day! 26 in the boat- 3:1 landed ratio- no lie!

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Thurs 28th 2009
My maker came out and caught fish on the first drop. A quick session last night pulled fish and yes, they are still here! Good work Stan and Cate!!!!

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Sunday 24th 2009
Jersey's Finest
We had Bruce, James, Charles and Howard out today to do, what we do best. We immediately hit it off having so much in common.... born and raised in New Jersey! So we went to work and the kokes made us sweat. We landed 18 fish and could not break the 3:1 hook up to land ratio, but the fish were there and we will keep trying! Great work guys!

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Saturday 22nd 2009
Day Off
Had the day off and caught some fish. Everyone was out and had a great time!

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Thursday, Friday 20th 2009
Fish are here and they want to bite- get out here and you'll get 'em!

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Monday 17th 2009
Back in the Game!
The Cook family came out for a tangle with the tasty kokes of big blue and they came together once again. The bite was good with the land to hook up ratio hovering at 3:1- nothing new. Fish are stacking and running the river now- hurry up and get a piece!!

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Sunday 16th 2009
Working Hard!
The Schmidt men, and muscle man Chuck came to day to try for a limit of kokes. We worked over stacked schools all day and only had one to show for it. These guys hung in there dropping on everything that we could and the kokes wouldn't give 'em a break. The fish were stacked and played cat and mouse and snubbed well presented baits like it was their nature!!! These guys kept it together and pounded until the end- great effort, true fisherman! The sharks were feeding heavy today making it hard to get on small schools- hey guys, if you're fishing with your eyes, turn off your fish finder! Thanks and good luck, we'll keep on 'em full throttle!

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Saturday 15th 2009
We had Joyce, Michael and Jake on the boat today and patience won the battle. We searched for 6 hours- 6 hours! We searched, the crew waited, and waited and waited........ and NAILED 'EM! The bite was tough and the numbers were thin, but the kokes gave it up! Great work crew- it was a pleasure to fish with true pros!

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Sunday, April 18, 2009
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Friday 14th 2009
The Risenger party came out and smacked kokes in the mouth! Tough crew, that wouldn't stop the pressure, and the fish did abide!!! 23 fair hooked, countless missed, dropped, and released- yeah!!!!

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Thursday 13th 2009
The bite was on- everyone was catching!!!!!!!! Get out here!

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Wed 12th 2009
Whooping Up!
The Harmon family came out today to challenge kokes to a battle and I would say it was a draw. 30 plus fish missed and dropped but 16 to show for a heck of an effort. The bite was red hot but short striking was the name of the game- you must answer the call- or lose the fish! Great work guys!!!

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Monday 10th 2009
The Paylan family came out for a shot at trophy kokes and touched a bunch, boxed a few, and stared at 1000's. Tough bite today with perfect conditons- it's just a fish thing!

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Sunday 9th 2009

First Frost!!
Tough Fish, Tougher Fisherman
The Haynes family came out today and put a catch together regardless of the ice this morning. The fish didn't give it up for long but they did commit suicide on some baits and many just snubbed us. We'll keep trying though- good work guys!

salmon fishing guide colorado reservoir
salmon fishing guide colorado reservoir

Saturday 8th 2009
Slam-on Salmon
Yeah- The Ortiz family came, saw and hooked fish. What a crew- they walked in slammin and we left on a high note!

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Friday 7th 2009
Knock-down Town
Derry, Rhonda, Charlie and Paul knocked thier socks off after a 4 hours tour just trying to find fish. They hung in there and were rewarded with trophy kokes- YEAH!

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Thursday 6th 2009
Good fishing all around the lake right now- come and enjoy!

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salmon fishing guides Blue Masa

Tuesday 3rd 2009
The Cassel family came out and put the smack down on kokes. Fish were thick for awhile near the powerlines and we stopped counting after 40.

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Monday 3rd 2009
Slab Town
The bite was painfully slow this morning with fish looking and not biting.... alot. The Sigrist couple came out and showed that we don't take no for an answer. 12 landed, 4 lost and a bunch of short strikes- Good Day!

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Sunday 2nd 2009
Fast and Furious
The bite was hot for a good 2 hours today as salmon hammered baits East of Elk Creek marina. The Crow party came out for a shot at the title and came in pretty close with some dog salmon and many lost!!! We'll keep at it- fellow angler Rich was in the fleet as well and put the hammer down- NICE FISH!

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Saturday 1st 2009
Picky fish
The bite was hot and cold with 6 being the high hook today and many 1s and 2s at the dock. The bite window was short but the fish were stacked- they've seen a ton of baits, but the Baud family bagged a few and we gave 'em he@# !

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Captain's Log
Fish - On
Hey Folks, a quick summary from the captain here. This is Blue Mesa Fishing's current fishing report on the Blue Mesa. We lake fish from Lake Fork Marina in Gunnison, Colorado to Elk Creek Marina near Lake City Colorado for trout, Lake Trout, and Salmon. We do trolling, fly fishing, jigging and whatever else they want us to do. When on a guided fishing trip we will be boating around all parts of the lake in search of trophy fish as they progress through peak seasonal movements in the wild waters of Blue Mesa and the Gunnison River. We only use top notch fishing rods, reels and tackle aboard on our guided fishing trips and you can expect the best service and a great time- try one our trips and enjoy some of the most exciting froms of Colorado fishing on Colorado's largest reservoir for trophy fish!

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Captains’ Log Hey Folks, this is Captain Casey, owner and head guide of Blue Mesa Fishing. We love fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir and do it with a passion to catch more and bigger fish and give clients a memorable guided fishing experience on every trip. Here at Blue Mesa Fishing we do many kinds of guided fishing trips from Lake Trout fishing during ice out in the spring, to kokanee salmon trolling in the summer and jigging in the fall. After the kokanee salmon leave the lake, we focus on fly fishing the secluded waters of the Lake Fork arm of the Gunnison River and Cebolla Creek. We also offer guided ice fishing trips from Blue Mesa Reservoir to Rifle Gap State Park in Western Colorado. Here at Blue Mesa Fishing, we try to catch throughout the entire year and offer a variety of ways to do it. If you’re interested in a trip, look through any of our packages, or just read through our site to learn how you can catch more and bigger fish in Colorado. Thanks again for checking us out and visit our three new sites found at the bottom of each page! Fish On

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