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May 2009 Archived Reports

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Thurs, Fri Sat, May 30th 2009
Kokanee Katching
The reports have gone from great to OK. Local angler Uncle Fred reported tearing up kokes wed and thurs and then experienced a slower bite yesterday and today. One angler was seen carrying a stringer of lakers up to 7lbs caught out of soap creek. We fished on Crazy Daves boat yesterday evening and today and experienced a slower bite- along with other anglers. A few big kokes came over the rails and many misses. Friends reported a collective of 14 kokes caught near Elk Creek EARLY! - Good work Cody! So thats's the trend right now. We have mixed weather and a smaller window- so fish early! The hot report with pics below came from Captain Robby out of Morrow point- Big Kokes, and mixed bag trout. You should book a trip with this guy- he catches- good work bro. Google Morrow Point guided tours and ask for Robby. Anyway, we'll be at it early so get out there

Kokanee salmon lake fishing guide
Kokanee fishing reports and guides
Blue Mesa Resevoir kokanee

Thursday, May 28th 2009
Koka Loco!
Kokanee! Fish for them now! They are shallow and reports have been coming from all over the lake. The browns are mixed in with them so if you're only catching browns- change your color! 2 to 18 feet has been the norm with many 4 year olds being caught. Fish the narrows next to the power lines and creek mouths adjacent to the main channel. This pattern will hold for awhile so keep on 'em!

Saturday and Sunday, May 10th 2009
Kokanee Kalling
We had the Fenn family, and friends out for a weekend of fishing and we were rewared for our efforts. Saturday we flyfished East Elk creek and Blue Mesa. Almost all the rivers are very high and flooded with brown water from run-off and rain. We worked hard Saturday before the storm and were rewarded with one landed, but many many fish seen jumping right under our noses. Sunday we went to work on the kokes and found our fish willing and ready. The storms intensified the bite and a few sharpies on the boat were there for the hits. The fish are everywhere in the lake right now- everywhere. They seemed not to care what we fished with but more 'how' we fished it. We sailed out of Elk Creek, we stayed in the narrows but moved away from the boat traffic- and found our fish. Structure was key and freestyling was the name of the game. Fish the points, then drop in thier face! This will catch fish- many 3 and 4 year olds were caught- get out and get 'em!
Blue Mesa Resevoir kokanee
Boat fishing for Kokanee Salmon
Kokanee salmon and lake trout fishin
Resevoir kokanee fishing

Sunday, May 24th 2009
Kokanee Kum Back
The kokanee are waking up! The bite went from slow to existent. Many reports of kokes being caught around the main channel on green and white. Adam from Lake Fork Resort came out for an afternoon trip and was rewarded with a few browns and some kokes. Uncle Joes tackle produced as well as tazmanian devils over deep water- no structure! The bite is slowly getting better so we hope to follow it into the holiday weekend. Come and help track 'em- Good reports have come from Cebolla but most of our reports are coming from Sapinero- look for the yellow boat and start fishing- 20 feet or shallower- be patient and you will catch!
Kokanee salmon spawning
Kokanee salmon fishing guid
colorado reservoir and kokanee fishing
kokanee fishing salmon fishing guide

Friday May 22nd 2009
You catch more Fish on the lake then from your Couch!
Fishing has been challenging. The lake has rose as much as 10 inches in a day and this has made fishing fishing. Kokes are scattered with the norm being 6 per day. The laker bite has mostly on bait resulting in hot and cold. The weather is dark, rainy and windy. This only means we have to fish harder and the windows will be shorter but can be rewarding. So this a great weekend to get out and get 'em and prove these reports wrong. See ya at the filet station!!

Tuesday, May 19th 2009

Saturday, May 16th 2009
Laker Takers in full Swing!
We put the hammer down for some kokes and came up short. The pattern never materialized but we rewarded with a few fish and plenty of browns to keep us busy. Laker fishing is swinging right now with anglers taking fish all over the lake. Trollers have reported fish up to 28 pounds today and bait fisherman up 22lbs- yesterday was about the same. Local anglers from Montrose pictured below whooped up on lakers on classic main lake points and will be eating good tonight. The water temp was around 54, partly muddy and the fish are hungry. Most anglers reported the same koke action around Lake Fork today: 1,2 and 3 fish- that's it- we'll be looking for the school tomarrow and test our luck with the lakers- until then- good luck! and good luck to all that are in the tourney!
blue mesa reservoir salmon fishing guide
Resevoir kokanee fishing

Friday, May 15th 2009
Kokanee Kokanee Kokanee Grouper!
The word is Kokanee! Anglers have been seen fileting Kokes and the chatter is in full swing. Kokes are all over the flats adjacent the river arms! Start at 15 feet of water and follow them down. Start with your favorite colors and don't forget rainbow trout color! Some anglers are reporting catching really big fish, I saw a three year old at lake fork yesterday!. They are here- go get 'em and get out there early. If you're fishing for grouper, you're at the wrong body of water! Lastly, all our laker reports are being archived so be patient- and don't tell anyone, but the locals are still rocking lakers!!!!

Sunday, May 10th 2009
Kokanee Warm Up!
Kokanee bite has started for Bluemesafishing.com!  We were working the usual laker spots trying to keep our poundage up with no avail.  I dropped a lead core 3 colors back and SLAM!  Kokanee on!  The fish were moving fast and we managed six and lost 10 or more!  The fish had been thrashed by lakers and we soon figured out why we couldn't get the bite together.  So we switched over to Kokanee gear and started at 10 over 34 fow with the usual stuff- mepps, tazmanians and sepps.  The bite was fast and furious with many fish just ripping drag and then gone.  We continued to work the banks down from the Dam- (Lake Fork) looking for Kokes dimpling the surface.  All the fish were healthy and fighting until the end and friend Kevin and myself enjoyed a good session.  11am it shut off and the fish moved off- but we're excited for the summer fishing season and this was a great beginning!

Resevoir kokanee fishing
salmon fishing guide kokanee fishing
Salmon Fishing on Blue Mesa
Blue Mesa resevoir fishing

Saturday, May 9th 2009
Lakers Taken!
We were back at Lake Fork today trying to put some big lakers in the boat.  Mac island was a bust so we moved across the channel into the Soap Creek Arm.  We put down our best presentations and were only rewarded with browns and dink lakers.  Fellow guide and angler Ryan was seen netting a few hogs in the late morning and more than one angler hooked lakers up to 15lbs near West Elk.  Great job guys- leave us a few next will ya.  So all in all not a poundage day but the numbers did satisfy with a few fish that made it to the dinner plate.  No report of kokes as of yet other than a few accidents but I'm confident we'll put an ealry bite pattern together if it kills us.  Great catching guys and keep on 'em before they become a distant memory!

Blue Mesa kokanee salmon
salmon fishing guide
Blue Mesa Kokanee
Lake kokanee salmon fishing Colorado

Friday, May 8th 2009
Elk Creek Comes Up Short
We trecked some new territory with master angler Robby Richardson in search of an early Koke bite.  We scoured the narrows along with a few other dedicated anglers and came up with small browns and lakers instead.  The action was steady but the kokes didn't show.- Better luck tomarrow- see you out there.  We are going back to our stomping grounds at Lake Fork tomarrow and hope to increase the poundage and change up the species!

Blue Mesa kokanee salmon
colorado fishing reports
colorado fishing reports
salmon fishing guide kokanee fishing
Blue Mesa Kokanee
salmon fishing guide

Thursday, May 7th 2009
Hey guys, talked to local Junction angler Mark. Said he caught 8 kokes, a mess of browns and 5 lakers up to 31 pounds- great job. Get out there and get 'em!
The weekend is upon us.  I hope everyone is gearing up to give their best game on Blue this weekend.  We're down here now doing some boat repairs and getting ready to do a search and seizure mission on the kokes.  We are also working on a downrigger camera which will generate some more videos and reveal the nature of some of the fish we love to catch.  For those who missed it last night Jared Johnson was at Sportsmans and gave a hell of a talk.  He had all of us saying DUHHHH! why didn't I think of that.  Bob, aka Bobco gave an awesome talk on jigging kokes at Blue Mesa.  I consider koke jigging one of Colorado's premier fishing opportunities and if you haven't done it or haven't had success you're missing out!  Bobco spelled it all out, naming hotspots and showing gear and lure selection- incredible!  What a night.  So we're sailing tomarrow and will beat it all weekend! Fish on my friends and we'll be updating every evening! Check out this Youtube and see what kokes are really doing!

Video coming soon!

Sunday, May 3rd 2009
Elk Creek Comes Up Short
We trecked some new territory with master angler Robby Richardson in search of an early Koke bite.  We scoured the narrows along with a few other dedicated anglers and came up with small browns and lakers instead.  The action was steady but the kokes didn't show.- Better luck tomarrow- see you out there.  We are going back to our stomping grounds at Lake Fork tomarrow and hope to increase the poundage and change up the species!

Here's the first video and more are coming.  This is my first crack at so be critical in a month.  Anyway a few big fish here on a few different occasional 25 to 33lbs.  We love em and everyone is still swimming.  Hope you enjoy. There is no sound on here because youtube pulled it so check out the windows media player above!

Sunday, May 3rd 2009
Hey Guys
Casey Gdowski, the Captain and owner of Bluemesafishing.com charters- no reports today. Some of Blue's best are out there giving it all they got today and I haven't heard anything yet.  We're working towards a live video report on Youtube so bear with us during the techincal junk.

I will have the window up in the reports soon.  Other news is that Jared Johnson from Rocky Mountain Tackle will be speaking at Sportsmans warehouse next wednesday the 6th at 6:30pm.  This guy has it together.  My first trip to the gorge, he tells me what to order, where to go, and I caught 3-5lb  kokes on the first drop.  His tackle is insane, and it works on Blue Mesa.  Check it out on Rockymountaintackle.com.  In other news, our second passion here at Bluemesafishing.com is East coast stripers. The run has started with all the 10-15lbers and bluefish you can catch.  In a few more weeks the 20-60lb cows will start the feedbag and you can bet we'll be there. Ask about our Ocean kayak charters- if you can handle it!  Wayne at wayneswords.com is reporting sick action at Lake Powell.  Its wide open on Stripes, walleye, all bass, cats and paper mouths..... so start fishing!!!-- keep fishing, and we'll be at it hard again after this front so look for Ol Yeller and say hey!

Captains Log 2009
The Real Deal
It's been a great spring at Blue mesa lake in Colorado doing guided salmon fishing trips and trophy lake trout trips. We operate in the curecanti national park which is home to Elk Creek Marina and Lake Fork Marina! Not only is this lake an incredible fishery but the marinas provide some life in an otherwise vacant fishing mecca. You can buy rods, reels, tackle, slips, shop at the store, eat at the restaurant and much more. Call me for your guided fishing trips and get ready to catch a trophy!

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