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July 31st 2010
Long Day, Good Catching!
I had the Wynn men out today and the fish were scattered, but interested. We worked most of the east end of the lake and scratched up 22 fish for our efforts= 18 salmon and 4 lakers. A good day with the usual 30 bait change out but the bites were consistent all day- Things are officially changing so be ready!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 30th 2010
Found 'em
Good day with associated clowns. We found the slimy suckers and took what they gave- counted 28 4's among the posse. Turnip Captain Dave and I fish 'em today and you know what happened- too many cooks in the kitchen. But if you give all the cooks a few drinks, they really seem to get along- keep chasing, don't sit in one spot too long!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 29th 2010
Where did they go?
Had the Brock crew out today and couldn't find the kokes. We fished Cebolla hard and the fish have left the building. We picked 8 and lost a few and worked hard with no biomass to support the effort. The move is on and hit and run is the name of the game- start working hard unless you know a sweet spot- and keep working intil the conditions change!! But........... if you think it was a bad day for Blue Mesa Fishing, check out waht happened to this poor guy when launching the boat when bad. We were there to help him and we saw him fishing today! Sorry bud- don't feel bad, I have done this once too!!!!!!!!!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 28th 2010
We had the Price crew out today and it was a priceless day. Overcast all day with light wind brought the bite on with big fours. We nailed 20 lost a few and a one jumped out of the cooler into the drink! Anyway, oranges and pinks and location has changed. Head WEST out of Elk Creek and the fleet will lead you to Kokanee!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 27th 2010
We had the Heinke crew out today and the kokes made us work. Blame it on the full moon or anything but we picked throughout the day and were snubbed by massive schools around the lake. We ended up with ten in, a few out but had a great day chasing silvery slabs. Some great reports came from around the lake as well as OK ones- right place, right time- you'll catch every time! Thanks guys, a great crew and fishermen!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 26th 2010
Alive and Well
Took the Ms' and the bomb squad out on a mission and succeeded. Big fours at 40-50 fow in the narrows on pastel colors- GO DEEP. The fish were picky but slow and steady pulled it together. We'll report after the charter tomorrow!!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 25th 2010
Search and Rescue
Smoke on the water and BMF went to follow 4's east and didn't get far enough. We had all the 2's we could catch and left 'em to make to next years' boards. Some were caught at the irons and we looked to dry creek for some and found straglers. One guide had a decent morning with medium sized fish and a few 4's- it's getting tough, but rewarding!

July 24th 2010
One lure per fish!
Captain Dave and I went out on a mission to keep the pattern alive and did OK. 16 landed only a few 4's and changing baits until the wind came. Check mate kokes- keepin it interesting!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 23rd 2010
Putting it together!
Working hard today as the sun came out and changed the bite completely. Guides day off today with the zoo crew on the ss stink ship and we worked hard but nailed 16- lost a few. Less 4’s than 2’s and 3’s but associated clowns reported 16 4’s today in deeper water- good work clowns! – and clown squid was hitting good- any relation… I don’t know. Thank you to Art and George who took me out and let me reel in a few- it was a special day guys- thank you! We’re going to hit it hard for the next week as the second season is soon to start. Talk soon

July 22nd 2010
Good Day!
We had solo man Todd out today for a morning crack shot and caught kokes. There still here and everything I said earlier… disregard!! The fish haven’t changed and haven’t left. I just have no clue what’s going on- but fishing everyday is helping me help you figure it out. It’s still happening with big and little fish being caught and limits being hit. The fillet station is busy and so are we so drop ‘em to 34fow, green and oranges and catch your fish
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 21st 2010
OK Day!
Another stellar day with the Toltan Crew. The fish were short biting all day but did bite about every 5 minutes. We managed 16 to the boat and stop counting the drops in the first hour. The fours were hard to find but associated clowns hit ‘em hard at different locations- counts were up to 46 4’s between two boats- wow. It’s still on- stop reading this and come fishing!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 19-20th 2010
Non Fishing Day!
Non-fishing related activities today. Captain Dave and I went out yesterday and nailed 12 lost a few- same report for guide's day off with Sport Fish Colorado +2. It's slowing currently, but 4yr olds are the common size. Pics will be up soon. Hang in there we'll be fishing soon. They are still here!

July 18th 2010
Change up!
A good day off with the Ms. after a couple of crazy trips! A change up in location (east) and color (whites) for the kokes as they begin to move... somewhere. Hit 10, lost a few and called it. The fish are still but the big change is coming. I will give a full update tonight!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 17th 2010
Great Bite
We had the Ratliff family out today for a killer day of fishing and hot weather. The bite was steady all day with usual 30 lure change up. We had 'em deep and shallow pending on the location in Lake Fork and it was a blast. Around 30 landed and 15 missed! Times they are a changing so if you love trolling get here soon!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 16th 2010
Back At It
It's still on here at LF. Guides took a day off to scout some new territory and found fish on the other end of lake. We nailed a handful of four year olds and looked for new fish to kick off the next season- we saw a few.... stay tuned- will be fishing tomorrow!

July 15th 2010
Workin Hard
Salmon gave it up after a brutal battle of presentation and the Daniels men hung through it all to put slabs over the rails. We worked through hot and cold sessions throwing everything in the box and nailed 20 fish and lost 10. a great day with a great crew and check mate to the kokanee!!!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Fishing Kokanee

July 14th 2010
Hog Tied!!!
Jeff and Mark broke the charts today with all around awards. First of all, they landed the most salmon of any trip-32 salmon!+ 2 trout. They also caught the smallest salmon I've ever seen. AND, they lost the most fish I've ever seen- 19- these are fish hooked and lost, not strikes! Hell of a day- big four year olds pushed 50% of the catch. The pattern stands at watermellon colors at 28-20fow, 3 to 5 colors- Lake Fork basin, deep water. Wow, I'm tired and out of corn!- It's on, It's on, It's on..... come and git it on!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 13th 2010
Slamin' Salmon Hammer!!
I dont' even know what that means but I had the Mcguire men out today and it was banner- highs and lows and meat to show for it. 29 salmon landed, 20 kept, 6 trout and 7 lost at the boat- pray to the fish gods people- and get to fishing!!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Fishing Kokanee
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Fishing Kokanee

July 11th 2010
Smashed 'em
Another banner day today on the boat with the Leibel crew coming out from Glenwood Springs to nail monster 4 years olds. As Turnip would say 'big fat four year olds' were biting hard today and giving us a break on the change up. They stayed consistent on 4 baits all day and it was a blast.(uncle Joes). We boated 29 salmon,-19 four year olds- many trout, tons missed and many released. What a day! Does it get any better? I hope it just stays great! Come n get 'em folks- soon the salmon will disappear to the depths and our second season will begin!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Fishing Kokanee
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Fishing Kokanee

July 10th 2010
Today was a numbers day, and I went out on a solo mission to keep the pattern alive for this weeks' trips. I landed 23 kokes + many lost and mixed trout- only two salmon kept for dinner- all others released for you! Turnip and associated clowns also had a hot day today with big numbers and weight- and fish moving deeper and becoming more aggresive- squids and uncle joes brought it today with the variations doing well in the slow times. I joined Turnip this afternoon and through a slow picked we nailed 20.25" koke weighing 3.0 lbs! I hope it stays great! There are currently complaints mounting about terrible fishing and it's leading to alternate measures that we are not sure of yet- but- to catch more fish, fish 10 hour sessions with a minimum of 20 bait selections- this is a start to catch more- the days of sitting back and hammering are over- we are now working full time!!!!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 8th 2010
Captain Dave and I had another day off and decided to go............ fishing! Early am bite brought it with only slab 4 year olds. The bite continues and the am is good way to start the day- get on the water in the dark- then fumble into the daylight with a pattern. It's still hot so if you book a trip- be prepared to start early! Keep on fishing!!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 7th 2010
Dogs Day
Hello folks- here to give an overview of the season and some reports. Kokes continue to hit the boards today while I joined a guides day off with Robby Richardson of Sport Fish Colorado and Justin somethingorother- the first call guide for the marinas. We had 'em during the morning blitz from 14 to 18fow on the usual suspects with trends moving in the green direction. Fish are beginning to school slightly deeper but the more active feeding fish are in the upper columns. Corn continues to be a must and don't be afraid to try some scent with it. Be sure to have an arsenal ready because the fish are here- if you're not catching, change it up, and down, and color and speed. Don't drag the same ole thing too long! - the fish will abide. Anyway, this site is being worked on daily, the logo and shirts are still being developed and - we're on our way to jigging season. You can expect to see us starting to look for schools in a few weeks and if you're interested in a trip- now's the time to book- we're filling up fast. Anyway- stay tuned- most pics are up at, my crappy internet will only let me upload so much video per month- lame- so check over there for pics! We'll give an update tomorrow!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 6th 2010
We had the Lyle crew with special guest Parry Parino out we clocked 'em. The am blitz put slabs in the boat and we continued to pick and hammer throughout the day- 22 kept, many lost or broken off and a couple who were released to swim another day! Good trip men!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 5th 2010
Working Hard!
Had the Lebonde party out for a trip and it was hot and cold. Many fish lost, about 8 landed and tons of bite. The blow put 'em down but we managed to put a catch together and sent the crew home with slabs- good work!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 5th 2010
Change Up!!!
Still banging away with the change up! We will update tomorrow- still recovering from trips and the 4th- the fish have changed but are still here!!!!!

July 4th 2010
Happy 4th
Happy fourth folks- another great day- Captain Dave was out with Nick today and had a limit of kokes today. We were out today on a day off and nailed 25 kokes! The am bite was nutz and then a good pick for the rest of the day. It's good, but the wind is back!!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 3rd 2010
Night Bite
Had the Hogan party for an evening session 3-8pm and it was great. The wind is back and the bite didn't phase- 15 landed, many released and only 5 lost- big fours battled the crew and doubles were happening- great crew, great bite!- it's still happening!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 3rd 2010
Flohr-ed 'Em
We had the Flohr family out today and kicked butt! 25 landed, 5 lost and all fish released that weren't hogs. We rocked 'em, worked 'em and were rewarded for the efforts.- what a team and they only left a few kokes laughing- what a pleaseure- great grew.!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 2nd 2010
Morrow Point
Turnip and I went on a Morrow Point Charter with Robby and Ryan today on a personal invite from Ed of Western Pump and Dredge and it was awesome. 2 boats 10 guys and we had fish all day! Big 4 year olds and mixed bag trout. These two guys do the hard time and are a valued asset of the park service for these trips.- Blue mesa report- still hot- guys had 'em all day and quit with the rain- it is good!
Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

July 1st 2010
Kick ass trip today. 23 landed 20kokes/3trout, 8 dropped- 6 four year olds.- Robert and Betty put it to 'em and the koke responded- will have pics later, must sleep. (4 colors)

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

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